Wedding dress shoes Heels or flats.

In plus size gowns

It can be a difficult decision. Which shoes will be right for my wedding gown and me. Hope we can help.

Every brides dilemma wedding dress shoes heels or flats with your bridal gown.

If you’ve decided on a beach wedding then the choice is probably easy. A pretty pair of wedding dress sandals or bare feet. Heels and sand just don’t go together. Likewise an elegant ballroom wedding and you probably choose the heels. But what happens when you are somewhere between.

The decision can be difficult, so lets talk it through.

Here are a few Pros and cons for both heels and flats that might help make you decision easier.

Wedding heels Pros and Cons.

The allure of a beautiful pair of heels is obvious they look great. For at least a short period of time they feel great and it completes the bridal look. The other great thing about bridal gown shoes with heels is there is so many styles to choose from. Lace bridal shoes if your gown is a lace bridal dress.

Maybe skyscraper heels with sparkles. But they say, beauty is pain. Probably the biggest con of them all, is the aching arches,burning soles and stinging calf muscles. Pain leads to moodiness and you certainly don’t want to be in a bad mood on your wedding day. So heels only if you are used to wearing them.

Flat wedding shoes Pros and Cons.

The most obvious pro of a pair of flats is the comfort. You wont risk that pain induced mood swing and you can dance the night away. With a much smaller chance of tripping. Which should always be avoided at your wedding reception unless you want to become an internet viral sensation. Taking out the celebrant, groom, bridesmaids and the first row of guests.

There are always two sides, and although the list is much smaller there is still something to be considered. Bridal flats never feel quite as fancy as a cute pair of heels.

If your a heel pro like Sarah Jessica Parker and cant imagine yourself in anything less than a 3 inch wedding dress shoe problem solved.

However if the allure of a dance all night pair of flats is everything you want,then decision is made.

If your somewhere in between maybe consider a pair of wedding dress wedges.

Still undecided, just think about what is the most important aspect of your wedding day is. And decide on what type of shoe will make that happen best. You want it to be a day to remember, so don’t let something as small as your shoes be the thing that you regret most.

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