Bridesmaid dresses for your bridal party.

Plus size perfection has designed a style of bridesmaid dresses that will suit all your bridal party. Irregardless if they have a bigger bust or no bust at all. Now you can match your junior bridesmaid with the other girls.

Proudly designed and made in Melbourne.

Larger size bridal party dresses.

Our dress sizes start at size 6 to 36 so cater for any shape or size. There is nothing more embarrassing that making your bridesmaid try on something that wont fit properly or shows far too much cleavage. Or possibly grabs where it shouldn’t making them feel self conscious all day.

Dresses with sleeves

Also, consider if your bridal attendants would like their arms covered. We have short sleeve styles and longer 3/4 sleeve dress designs. If your bridal party are happy and confident in their outfits it will show. Making for some great photos. You won’t have to worry that they are trying to hide from the camera.

Pregnant bridesmaid dress

Coloured gowns can be adjusted for pregnancy for an additional charge.

As we cant see into the future 1 of your bridal party may find out they are pregnant. That’s ok we can adapt our bridal party dresses to suit pregnancy too.


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