Plus size Perfection Bridal a magical experience

In plus size gowns

The ‘Magic’ behind our wedding gowns.

In a well styled gown sometimes its what you can’t see that makes all the difference.The gowns at Plus Size Perfection bridal have been created specifically to flatter and compliment women of fuller figures.

When fitted correctly, our gowns can help brides to appear two whole sizes slimmer than they actually are. So what is our secret? Magic of course!

Magic corset at plus size perfection bridal

Our models are usually a stock size 22.

Clever design and patterns at plus size perfection bridal.

When we first recognized the need for a stylish range of quality wedding gowns available to women in the size range 16 to size 32. We thought long and hard about how to create these gowns so as to provide the support and shape necessary to compliment curvaceous figures.

Utilizing a clever combination of complimentary patterns. Everything from A-line to ballgown. With styles that suit a curvaceous womanly body. Complimenting and highlighting waist lines. Lace placement is also a consideration when designing a gown. Caring placement ensuring no bold horizontal laces are placed around the waistline.

The magic corset.

We also need to create a corset that was not only comfortable but achieved an hour glass figure shape when worn.

Thus our ‘magic corset’ was created. This system of flexible boning and corsetry, exclusive to the Plus Size Perfection range and available in most of our gowns. A corset crafted to provide not only comfort, but a stunning silhouette. By offering structure and lift in all of the right places, our brides are sure to feel beautiful on their big day!

Accessories for a no train style

Matching wedding dress accessories.

Our Melbourne bridal shop as all the matching accessories. You need a longer bracelet to wear with your wedding dress or can’t find a longer necklace that will sit in just the right place around your neck. That’s OK we have them. Perhaps you can’t make it to our physical shop. You can order them online from anywhere in Australia. All length wedding veils in store too.

Bridal stylists to help.

Come and experience the bridal magic at Perfection bridal make an appointment and try on gowns in your size. Our talented stylists will help you work your way through styles and accessories so you can look your best on your big day.