Perfect plus size deb dresses

In plus size gowns

Here are our top 5 tips when trying to find perfect plus size deb dresses.

  • 1 Do some research before you go shopping.
  • 2 Set a budget for how much deb dresses cost and how much you are willing to spend.
  • 3 More research how to choose a deb dress to suit your figure shape.
  • 4 Check your schools dress code for the deb ball.
  • 5 Choosing a gown that suits your personal style.


perfect plus size deb dresses

Research deb dresses

Top tip 1. Do your research before you go shopping for perfect plus size deb dresses. I know your sooo excited as your turn to do the deb is finally here. You have been day dreaming of your dream dress for ages. However to avoid disappointment call the deb dress shops in advance to check what sizes they have in stock. As many Bridal shops and deb dress stores only carry sample stock which is usually in size 6 to 10.

Most Australian girls wear a size 12 to 20. And you need to try a dress on in your size. So maybe visit shops that are going to have your size in store. And remember every figure shape and size is beautiful and every girl should have the deb dress of their dreams.

Perfection bridal is a specialist in plus size wedding dresses and deb dresses and has many in stock to try.

Set a deb dress budget before you make an appointment

Top tip 2. There is nothing more heart breaking that falling in love with a debutante gown that is way out of your budget. So only try on gowns that are in your budget. Usually if you tell the consultants how much you want to spend they will show you gowns that will fit with price range you are prepared to spend. Remember when setting your deb budget take into account that bead work and some laces are expensive.

Look for deb dresses or casual style wedding dresses on sale to. You may find an absolutely stunning gown for a fraction of the original price.

Your gown will need alterations of some sort usually a hem and maybe a bodice adjustment. Get quotes from different dressmakers as prices can vary. Or you may have a family friend or relative that will be able to do it for you.

deb dress alterations

Choose a deb dress design that suits your body type.

Top tip 3: Trying on a dress in your size is important. You need to see where the waist sits on you and check the bust cups are the right size for you. When all the elements of a gown pattern are right for you it creates a beautiful silhouette. You know you look fantastic and there is nothing more beautiful than a confident deb.

If your bra cup size is over a DD then it is usually recommended that you have a deb dress with straps to give you extra support. A corset dress will give you that hour glass figure just like Marilyn Monroe and she was a size 16 to 18.

Figure shapes for deb dresses

Check your schools restrictions for the deb ball.

Top tip 4: Don’t buy your dress until you have checked you schools restrictions and requirements.

Some schools have quite strict dress codes for their debutantes. For example they may require all gowns to have straps.

Check there may be a minimum width that the strap needs to be. No backless deb dresses is sometimes on the list too.

See if only white dresses are acceptable some schools allow Ivory dresses also.

Choose your deb dress to suit your personal style.

Top tip 5: Please please choose a dress that suits your personal stye. Not the style that your best friend or Nanna thinks you should wear. This is an ideal time to say this is me and I am fabulous.

Why do we have debutante balls, and is it relevant in our modern world. I think it is an important event for a teenage girl. Yes the meaning has changed over the years. Even though the history of the debutante ball has changed some what. It is an event to dress up and we don’t have enough of them these days. Times when a girl can feel like a princess for a night. A real boost in self confidence.