How much do wedding dresses cost

In plus size gowns

Setting a budget for your wedding dress is really difficult. So much to consider. How much do wedding dresses cost. We have put together a list of things that may need to be included in your wedding budget that you may not have thought of.

Your man has just proposed.

You are over the moon. Your thoughts drift to the wonderful life you will share together as you gaze down at the sparkle of the engagement ring he has just popped on your finger. Life is good.

A few weeks pass and suddenly the reality of having to organize a wedding hit you.

This is a whole new experience!

Shopping for wedding dresses can be a daunting thought.

Where do I go? What do I do?

At plus size perfection bridal we have been looking after brides for a very long time and the most common mistake brides make is not setting a budget First and foremost.

Boring but essential.

I know you just want to get out there and try on pretty dresses. But without a budget your special day could turn into a financial nightmare.

How much do wedding dresses cost

What do wedding dresses cost?

Your wedding gown is just the beginning.Choose a gown that will suit your taste, budget, location and time of year.

And be realistic. The champagne taste on a beer budget can get you into trouble.

If you are over a size 16 I highly recommend that you don’t buy a dress that you haven’t physically tried on in your size. As wedding dress patterns are all different depending on the designer. You need to see where everything sits on your body and that it is right. Dont expect it to be the exact fit even if it is in your size. There are always little things that need to be tweaked.

If you are on a tight budget maybe consider looking at deb dresses as they can be a cheaper option. However they wont have a train.

I know that there are lots of stunning pictures of plus size wedding dresses on the internet with bargain price tags however if it seems too good to be true it usually is. Remember everybody’s body is different there is no stock standard pattern that will fit and suit everybody. Most internet wedding dress sites never ask for a bra cup size and most gowns are made for a B cup bra. If you are a DD cup bra the wedding dress won’t fit. Most sites don’t ask your body length measurements either how will they know where your waistline will sit. Major wedding dress alterations can be expensive and sometimes an ill fitting dress cannot be fixed. Trying on the actual dress you will know that everything is in the right place and alleviate the last minute stress of will the dress be right.

If you are having your dress made just for you (haute couture) Expect a price tag between $2,000 and $12,000 depending on the designer fabric and bead work you choose.

Plus size perfection wedding gown prices can range from just $399 for a soft flowing casual gown to $2,500 for a fully beaded ball gown with a luxurious long train suiting a more formal wedding.

Other things to consider and discuss before shopping are.

Prices for wedding dresses

Who pays for Bridesmaids dresses

Who will pay for them. If you want a certain colour and look. It is possibly the polite thing to pay for them or at least contribute to the cost. Talk to all your bridesmaids first and consider their financial situation too.

Wedding dress alteration costs

Your weight and body shape changes all the time and when wearing our day to day loose clothing we don’t notice that much. However as soon as you put on a fully corseted gown even small changes can make a big difference to the fit.

Plus size perfection bridal designs there gowns so they can go down 2 sizes if you are losing weight before the wedding. However we recommend that you order the size that fits your body best at the time of purchase. Just in case you don’t lose weight. Sometimes life can get in the way of the best made plans.

It is a good idea to start your fittings 4 weeks before the wedding to achieve the perfect fit.

The gown hem may need to be shortened depending on the bridal shoes that you will be wearing. Ask at the time of purchase how much your hem will be.

Bridal bras and shape wear

What will you be wearing under your wedding dress? You may need to purchase a supportive strapless bra. And some shape wear to give you a smooth line under your gown. It is important to have your undergarments with you for your fittings.

Bridal shoes

Also will be needed at your fittings. You may need 2 pair 1 pair of bridal heels and the a pair of bridal flats for the wedding reception for comfort. If so take both pair of wedding dress shoes to your fittings and tell your dressmaker that is the plan.

Wedding budgets

Will you wear a wedding veil?

These can range from between $69 to $350 for a long lace cathedral veil. Ask around if you have a friend that has been recently married she may be happy to lend you her wedding dress veil. However don,t be offended if she says no. As a wedding veils is Quite fragile and a lot of girls like to keep them boxed with their bridal gown. Also if you are borrowing a veil check the colour is correct. White if you have a white wedding dress and ivory if your bridal gown is ivory.

Something old and borrowed bridal tradition

Wedding jewellery is sometimes  an opportunity to tick the old and borrowed boxes and save money. Ask if there are any family pieces of wedding jewellery that might be suitable. Be prepared though for Untie Cheryl that has her eighties bridal head piece that she thinks is perfect to complete your bridal look. If not try not to overdo the jewellery remember that you and the wedding dress are the main focal point.

Ask your hairdresser about bridal hair styles and organize a hair trial before the wedding day. This is an ideal time to discuss where you will wear a veil or bridal hair comb and have a play with design. They may have a contact for make up. Most make up artists will have a website so you can check out their work. Most professionals will be happy to give you an outline of costs for bridal hair and make up.

Are you having a spray tan. If you have never had one we would recommend that you have one months before to check if its right for you.

Then there is waxing pedicure and manicure Sometimes its the little things that can blow out a wedding budget so allow about 10% extra for those little things that you may have forgotten.

Check out the great wedding budget calculator on the Knot wedding website.

With a clear outline of what is needed and your budget you are ready to go and enjoy your wedding dress shopping experience.