Bridal Make overs

In plus size gowns

The creative team has been busy in the Perfection Bridal wedding dress makeover lab. We will be bringing you a series of stunning bridal make overs. Stay tuned for Sarah’s real life bridal makeover.

bridal make over Sarah before the transformation
The before

Lyn and I were daydreaming about doing something fun and different, something to get the creative juices flowing here at Perfection Bridal Headquarters. The result of those daydreams was a real life makeover series.

I mean, who wouldn’t love a bridal makeover, especially if you were a budding bride-to-be with a wedding on the cards. So when we found Sarah out shopping, who was understandably a little frightened at first, but then agreed that a make over would be an exciting experience.

First things first, we tried on a couple of wedding gowns – the Arabella, the Monique and the Zara – which all looked amazing of course. Then we moved things to our photography HQ upstairs and headed right in to makeup.

Janice Wu, one of Australia’s top makeup and hair artists @janjanwuwu, was on set to get Sarah all dolled up and ready for the camera. Sarah is amazingly gorgeous to begin with, so makeup would work to enhance her natural beauty, and Janice really achieved that.

 Here are some snaps below from the makeover process.

Bridal hair and makeup.

We’re not going to lie; makeup takes time especially wedding makeup, as it has to be perfect. So that’s why it is important to have a trial run. If you are fussy, have had reactions to makeup in the past, or are using a new makeup artist, make sure you and your artist are on the same page and have the same ideas and style.

Fun wedding day fact: Some brides hire a makeup artist for the whole day for touch ups and little emergencies throughout the day. What do you think about this? Comment below.

The original plan was a beautiful up-do, but as Janice was waving her magical curling wand over Sarah’s hair, the curls were too gorgeous to tie up so we decided to leave it down.

We were now almost done! Time to put on the wedding gown and jump in front of that camera.

By taking the girl next door rather than a professional model and giving her a makeover, you are able to see the real magic and consider what this process can do for you also.

Make sure you enjoy your wedding day transformation, enjoy every moment so hard that your face aches from smiling too much. A makeover on this scale isn’t a experience many of us get to experience very often, but watching over this one made us feel like Cinderella’s ugly stepsisters.