Best styles of wedding veils

In plus size gowns

An in-depth description of the most popular and best styles of wedding veils. And how to wear them.


What is a birdcage wedding veil?

The birdcage veil is the shortest veil of all. It is sometimes known as a bridal fascinator—one of the best wedding veils for retro or vintage wedding dresses.

It is usually made from a more open weave net than a traditional style. Try not to conceal the face too much. Give a chic retro look to a long or a short wedding dress. The birdcage can also be held in place by a bridal hair comb. A comb can add an additional vintage style. The bridal hair comb remains in the hair if they take the fascinator off after the ceremony.

How do I wear a birdcage wedding veil?

There are many ways of wearing this bridal look. Consider your hairstyle. You may like the tulle to skim your forehead, leaving both your eyes uncovered.

Although usually worn on an angle over one eye. I have even seen them worn to the back of the head. A very creative bridal hairdresser neatly placed it and studded into place with pearl hairpins.

Birdcage wedding veil

What style of wedding dress goes with a Shoulder length or short veil?

This veil creates an incredible vintage or retro vibe to your bridal look. It is usually made with a double layer net and gathered and dropping to shoulder length. Great look with Tea-length or short wedding dresses, creating a fun and flirty look.

How do I get the retro or vintage bride look?

A shoulder-length veil is usually worn further forward than a traditional style. This style is sometimes worn with a bridal headband to add to the look.

What is a Blusher wedding veil?

This veil is a very versatile veil comprising of a single layer of tulle. Make sure it is high-quality English tulle, so it has a little bit of body. Cheap net doesn’t hang nicely and won’t compliment your look.

 A blusher veil can be any length you like between your elbows and knees.

This design is an excellent addition over a more extended design. And can be worn over the face during the ceremony. Sometimes a long wedding veil can be hard to manage, so after the photos, maybe take the long veil off and wear your blusher for the party after.

single blusher wedding veil

One of the best styles of wedding veils.

The fingertip wedding veil is by far the most popular style of wedding veil. This design is complementary to most figure and face shapes plus the fingertip length looks beautiful with most bridal gown styles, including plus size wedding dresses. If your gown has a lot of beaded detail, you may choose a plainer veil. As a busy trim or lace edge style can detract from the dress.

True to its description, the length is to your fingertips. Usually made with a double layer of tulle, the top layer is a little shorter and traditionally worn over your face.

I would highly recommend that you choose one cut on a full circle as it gives a lovely cascade of tulle at the back. A circular shape ensures that your arms aren’t poking out the sides if you are wearing it over your face.

traditional fingertip wedding veil

Chapel wedding veil style.

The chapel length wedding dress veil drapes slightly on the floor. An excellent look for a wedding dress without a train plus gives your gown a more formal look for the ceremony and photos.

How long is a Cathedral veil? 

The cathedral veil creates the most luxurious dramatic look of all. Usually

One meter 20cm or longer.

This long veil makes a powerful statement at a church wedding, especially if there is a long aisle. This style can be draped behind you or carried by your bridesmaids. Great for wedding photos too. If wearing the cathedral length, you may choose to take it off after the pictures, as it can be hard to handle.

Cathedral veil best styles of weddin veils

Custom Made veils

You may prefer to have a custom made veil. That way you can choose the length and trim also the volume so that it’s just right for you.

This is a more expensive option but you will achieve a more personalized look.