3 Ways to achieve wedding day confidence

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You Are Beautiful: 3 Ways to Achieve wedding day confidence. 

Plus Size Perfection is one of the only wedding dress brands in Australia to offer affordable, elegant wedding dresses that highlight all plus-sized women’s beauty. “It’s a Love Story,” a new gown range from Plus Size Perfection, In our specialist plus size bridal shop in Melbourne now. We’ve created a gorgeous wedding day photo shoot to accompany the collection.

At Perfection Bridal, we believe that every woman is beautiful, and we stand firmly against the culture that tells women they must be thin to be attractive!. Here are three ways to embrace your curves on your wedding day and remember you are Beautiful: 3 Ways to Feel Lovely on your Wedding Day.

Focus on Health, Not Appearance

I continuously hear brides saying they want to lose weight for the wedding. If you’re hoping to lose weight in time for your wedding, focusing on the number on the scale will only leave you feeling defeated. Rather than endlessly dissecting your weight and appearance, focus on your health, and ditch the scale. And remember, you can have a healthy body regardless of size. Take some time to love your arms for their strength, your back for its stability, and your legs for their ability to carry you through life’s ups and downs.

Consume the Right Media

Research shows that women who read fashion magazines feel worse about their bodies. Ditch these rag mags, and find media that offers real women in a variety of sizes. Plus-sized magazines, stores that cater to plus-sized women. Television shows featuring real-life women are excellent starting points. Why not write a letter or email to magazines and let them know you want to see more 14+ models in their editorials.

Check out some of our gorgeous real brides on their day for inspiration.  Also,or our Instagram page.

Get Some Support to achieve wedding day confidence. 

If you’re still struggling, then reach out to people you trust and will make you feel better about yourself rather than worse. Better yet, make sure you buy your wedding dress at a place that respects and supports you. Rather than discourages, plus-sized women and leave the negative people at home.

Are you still struggling? Counseling, support groups, and the loving reassurance of a partner who adores you for who you are. Remember, you are beautiful, and size is just a number.