5 tips for bigger busted brides to be

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5. Things to consider when purchasing a wedding dress.

Not all wedding dresses are created the same, patterns vary a lot, especially if it’s a wedding dress. The last thing any bigger busted bride wants to be remembered for is her boobs.  More to the point, how her wedding dress didn’t support or cover them.

I’m sorry girls, I’m possibly going to tell you a few things you probably don’t want to hear. However you will thank me later.

So lets talk about wedding dresses for a bigger busted bride.

Plus size perfection bridal are specialists in bridal designs for 16+ .We have been designing off the rack wedding dresses for a very long time and understand that no two women are created the same. Thank goodness.

1. The cut of the pattern

Today we are going to start with the pattern of a bridal gown. Design is important. There are gowns that have been cut for a B cup bust so naturally a E cup will not sit properly in a gown made like this.

Also, there is no stretch in a corseted bridal gown. Possibly leaving your bust oozing over the top, instead of being comfortably cupped within the gown.

Unsuitable wedding dress for a bigger busted bride
Unsuitable wedding dress style for a bigger busted bride.
Divine for garden or beach
Suitable gown for a busty bride.

2. Consider the weight of a bigger bust

Next consideration is the weight of a bigger bust. They are heavy. So we recommend that any bride with a large bust to look for a bridal gown with straps. This will provide additional support, especially at the end of the evening when I’m sure you will want to dance.

Yes your gown has a lot of corsetry in it and that will give you the curves of a goddess. However in a strapless design, once the boning heats up it will not hold up a  heavy bust after a couple of hours.

A design with corsetry and straps will maintain that fabulous look all night and your wont have to worry about falling out of a strapless wedding dress. If you really really want strapless make sure the cup size in the gown is the right size much the same as going to buy the right bra.

Possibly get your alterations lady to put in some steel boning to help with support. However if your a girl that likes comfort, steel boning is not a good idea. Straps can be sexy its all about the design.

Wedding dress with no support
What not to wear.
Long sleeve garden or beach wedding dresses
What to wear.

3. Lace up verses zip for a busty bride

Now ladies this is important, and something you may not take too much notice of on a day to day basis. As a woman our bodies change every day. As a heavy busted girl myself I can wake up in the morning depending on where my cycle is and find I have gone up a bust size.

Yes lets discuss bloating.

There is a reason we design a lot of our plus size wedding dresses with a lace up back and this is one of them. A zip back gown will leave your bust nowhere to go but up and out even with a little bloating. We have all seen brides oozing out the top of a gown or heard the stories of zips not doing up at the last minute or worse still, popping under the pressure. Something that no bride wants.

Whereas a corset or lace up back will ensure a great fit every time. No last minute worries about the couple of kilos gained or lost.

Lee deb dress back
Plus size wedding dress lace up back.
Zip back wedding dress after weight gain
Plus size wedding dress zip back.

4. Do I need to wear a bra

Bras, the best advice I can give for this is have them fitted by a bra fitter. Your comfy everyday bra just wont cut it on your wedding day.

Tell your consultant that you will be wearing the bra under your wedding dress so a slightly lower cut and movable straps are important. Show them a picture of the style. Things to check when buying a bra are comfort and fit.

Check that the bra is not to tight and cutting in anywhere. Your bust should sit comfortably whilst being supported. If your not sure about the cut leave the tags on and make an appointment to try it on with your wedding dress.

Plus size wedding and bride bras.
Bras suitable for under wedding dresses.
Bras for a bigger busted bride
Elomi bras for bigger busted girls.


5. Styling and design

Choose a gown that will compliment your figure. Veer away from high neck gowns instead look at sweetheart necklines off the shoulder or flattering V-neck shapes.

I have covered the technical issues you will face in this blog. For wedding dress styles that will compliment a busty bride check out this blog post for some ideas.

The best bit of advice i can give to a bigger busted bride to be is never buy a wedding dress online. The girl in the picture is not you.

So the moral to the story is see a specialist when it comes to the most important piece of clothing you will ever wear try on different styles see for yourself how they sit on your body.