Wedding Veil Anastasia

Anastasia lace wedding veil .

Anastasia is a stunning curvy wedding dress with matching lace wedding veil .

This Veil can be made in all lengths and styles. The double fingertip with blusher to put over you face during the ceremony has the matching lace trim, every detail thought of. Single blusher and even the luxurious long cathedral veil style. The choice is yours. All made from the best English tulle to achieve the perfect drape. The perfect veil should fall around you like a mist. The Anastasia bridal headpiece has been designed to compliment this gown. But could be worn with a simple wedding dress style to add a luxury look.

All styles catered for

Nothing says bride more than the drape of a soft English tulle. Even if you don’t wear it over your face there is something very romantic about that beautiful hazy mist that adorns you on your wedding day. The placement of this stunning wedding accessory in your bridal hair style will dictate how and where the veil falls. The further forward it is worn the more it will flow around your arms. Providing just a little more coverage.

Change the look with the addition of a bridal hair comb

Even if you are wearing a simple wedding dress veil the addition of a bridal hair comb can change the look. Giving you the option of taking your bridal headpiece off after the ceremony and still having a gorgeous bridal hair comb in your hair.

Perfection bridal has many wedding hair combs and bridal jewellery pieces to choose from in store.

Bridal Tip:  Put all your wedding jewellery together well before the wedding to avoid last minute stress of loosing a necklace or earrings. It is sometimes a good idea to make a list of all your accessories including your bridal bag and contents to refer back to.

Also please don’t buy wedding veils online. You need to see and feel the quality. You may finish up with one that is really only good for a hens night.