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Brides guide to wedding gown care

Some of the most commonly asked questions that we have from our lovely brides and debs involve how to care for their gowns. Not just before and during also, after the day of their events.

Step by step instructions: How to care for your gown.

We created this post as a step-by-step list of instructions to follow to ensure that your gown remains a beautiful memento to keep for years to come.

Before picking up your gown (a very exciting milestone in the build up to the big day) be sure to consider how you plan to travel with it. The most important thing to remember is not to squash it. It will have been freshly pressed and stored in a garment bag ready for your arrival. Stowing your gown in your car boot or a cramped back seat will only add undesirable wrinkles and creases.

And possibly need to be repressed before it is ready to wear.

In this, you should also attempt to minimize travel time in the hot sun if possible. Exposing your gown to the elements may risk damage including discoloration, creasing, or undesirable scents. In short, transport it quickly in the summer, and with enough room.

Hanging wedding gown

Wedding gown care and storage

When storing your gown in the days/weeks before the big day, it is important to remember that whilst a few days in a plastic garment bag may be ok. Your gown will eventually need room to breathe.

If you haven’t purchased a breathable bag ( We have them for $25), then it would be best to drape the dress outside of the bag. Hanging off of the floor in a space where it will not be touched by children, pets or the elements. When taking the garment out of the bag, be sure to prevent snagging by placing a hand between the zipper and the dress.

Keeping this in mind, you should always wash your hands before touching your beautiful white gown (hopefully that ones a given, but it is good to remember). Remember these tips also apply to your wedding veil if you are wearing one.

Keeping your wedding dress clean.

And finally, as tempting as it might be, try not to wear your dress at all in the build up before the big day. Not only do you want to keep it in immaculate condition, but you do not want to spoil just how special this gown is by turning it into an everyday item.

Your wedding gown is a very significant garment, not to mention a significant investment. And should be treated with care and respect.
When the big day finally arrives. If you feel it is needed give your gown a quick steam. Being sure not to touch the fabric with the iron. This should drop out any small creases that have appeared during storage.
When dressing, it is always best to step into your gown if possible, to protect your hair and make up and prevent smearing.

Oh dearExcitement usually equals sweat.

Also, whilst moving around and making final preparations, it might be a good idea to fold tissues under your arms. Reducing the risk of perspiration marks.
Aside from this advice, we can only hope that you will enjoy every moment of your big day, and dance the night away in your fabulous gown!

Whether you think you might sell your gown, store and keep it forever, or organize a ‘destroy the dress’ shoot. It is of course advisable to hang your dress up, off of the floor, once you have taken it off after the celebration.

Just because the wedding is over, does not mean that the gown has lost its value. If anything, given that it now holds all of the precious memories of your union, it is more valuable than ever, and so try to treat it with equal respect as you did in the build up to the wedding.

Wedding gown care and dry cleaning.

In saying this, you should have your gown dry cleaned as soon as possible. Using a reputable professional (particularly if you have worn a fake tan). We recommend My dress box which are specialists in wedding gown care and cleaning. My dress box make it so simple everything can be organized online, collected and delivered to your door, cleaned and boxed.

From there, if you wish to keep your gown, it is best preserved in acid free paper. Keeping your precious memories in good order for many years to come.

If you have any other questions about wedding gown care and preparation, the lovely ladies at Leah S. Design and Plus Size Perfection Bridal are always here to help.

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