Warning: this blog is about back fat.

Warning: this blog is about back fat.

Most of us have had that dreaded issue at some point in our fashion wearing lives, those lumps and bumps that are normally caused by the one thing we wear to hold everything else in place – the all unfortunate back fat. So luckily we are here to explain what you can do to make your wedding day (and everyday lives) back fat free.

The most common cause of back fat is the bra. An ill-fitted bra or a bra that is too small will cut in, slide down, ride up and give you all kinds of trouble. The key to eliminating those back bulges is to find the bra that fits you and avoid buying the bra you think fits you.

Make sure when buying a bra or when being professionally fitted for a bra (especially a strapless bra) that you are checking yourself all over for the fit. Despite following the right rules and procedures of the perfect bra fit, sometimes the math just doesn’t add up. So turn around in front of the mirror, keep your arms by your sides and see for yourself.

Once you have the perfect bra things become much easier.

When you have your dress fitting, it is vital that you have the undergarments that you will be wearing on the day. These important items combined with your gown will need to be in sync, so try them all on and let the bridal consultant weave her magic.

The dress should be tighter around the waist and you should just sit in the top of it. We get the lift in your dress from the waist, so don’t be tempted to tighten the dress too much in the top as you will find everything gets pushed up and out. If you are still a little self-conscious about your back, consider a thick strap, bolero or lace bib for a little more coverage.

Unfortunately for the bustier gals out there, sometimes a strapless dress and strapless bra can be quite a feat. So seriously considering straps can go a long way to stop that constant hiking up during your big day and any less than desirable back bulges.

What can you take away from this? The bra, it’s almost always about the bra. Find the right one and of course, take it with you to your fittings. Then make sure the dress and the bra are friendly with each other to create the look you want.

If all else fails and you are still worried, have a talk to your photographer an they will easily be able to photo shop it away 😉