Meet the Perfection team

Georgina is our go to Manager, she will tell you straight the best frocks to try on while becoming your best friend with in two seconds. Its true! here’s little from Georgina below. 

Georgina Perfection BridalI have a personal passion for the Plus Size Perfection collection. I love all of the dresses, but mostly the ladies that come to visit us. There is nothing quite like the transformation of self that can come from finding the right wedding dress. The perfect dress can delight your figure, body and soul. I love boosting someones confidence and even if they don’t purchase a dress, everyone leaves with a smile on their face. It also helps that we have over 50 styles of size 18 dresses to choose from. 

Whats your most satisfying client experience? 

When we helped a woman who came in with a tight budget. The bride had to move the wedding forward as her father had been diagnosed with a terminal disease. Fortunately we found the most gorgeous dress; she loved it and dad loved it too. The whole room was in tears, including me! 

Any advice for our future brides to be? 

Georgina’s advice for brides before coming in to choose a wedding dress is to have a vision in mind of what type of bride you want to be. If you’re not sure think of your location and be open to our suggestions and don’t be afraid to think out side of the box. Keep in mind that the gorgeous Pinterest photo of the dress on your phone might not be the perfect gown for you. 

Favourite cocktail – Fruit tingle |  dessert – Good quality home made chocolate cake | holiday – Christmas 

Lyn – Designer of Perfection Collection 

I started in fashion when I was 16 years old, working sewing in production in a factory. That would have been about 1977. Afterwards I worked in ladies wear retail, I started making clothes for friends and then friends of friends and realised they were mostly in size 18 and above. This was back in the 80s and 90s. 

It was a natural progression to start a plus size bridal collection. 
What was needed was a pattern that was cut and styled for an Australian figure, styles that were current and on trend. How do you get ideas for designs? Easy – I just ask our brides what they are looking for. I’m very proud of what I have created and love every day making dreams a reality. 

What’s your ultimate wedding day look? 
There is no single dress, each dress is its own ultimate look on the right bride. 

Favourite Cocktail – Espresso Martini | dessert – Pavlova | holiday – Beach 


Leah AnnHello there, i’m the lady behind the computer, I have the store Leah S Designs that houses the perfection brand. Im the all rounder, socials, marketing, sales, ironing lady, store room sorter, all with a 9 month old helping along the way. 
Fave cocktail – a free one | dessert – chocolate | holiday – an exotic location 




Julie is in our styling team, her specialty is making people feel comfortable and beautiful. I love when the bride sees them self in a dress they didn’t think would suit them, they have a twinkle in their eye. It gives me chills and then warms my heart. 

Julie Perfection BridalWhat is the most satisfying customer? Recently a bride visited who is getting married in two years, she just looked so special in her dress, she couldn’t say no. 

Julies advice to Brides is to have an open-mind, and when you find the gown, stop looking. You don’t want to have regret. Also make sure not to take too many people with you, the crowd can be very overwhelming and opinionated. 

Favourite cocktail – Espresso martini and dry gin martini, one after the other| dessert – Creme Brul’e  holiday  Disneyland | 


I love the Plus Size Perfection collection and love styling with the accessories. I’m all about the complete look. It makes me feel good to make the brides feel good. 

What is the most satisfying experience you have had with a bride? 

I love to turn an unpleasant wedding dress shopping experience elsewhere, in to a positive and enjoyable experience here. 

Demi’s advice to brides to be is stay faithful, be yourself, never change yourself and be grateful to be alive. 

Favourite tea – Green tea | dessert – Tiramisu | holiday – Greek Islands 

Amy Perfection BridalAmy from Ginger Pins on on site alterations department 
Ginger Pins is an alterations and dressmaking service where we specialise in bridal and debutante alterations as well as formal wear. 

What’s an average day in the life of Ginger Pins? 

On a daily basis at Ginger Pins, we discuss with brides and debs how to get the perfect fit from their chosen gown. How we can achieve exactly what they are looking for, and what elements they can add to customise their dress and make it truly theirs. Our team then work in the workroom to cut, trim, sew and alter each gown to the individual, ready for the next fitting. We trim hems, attach belts, nip and tuck to finalise their ultimate dress. 
What are your inspirations behind your flower girls collection? 

We wanted to try something new and create a range that was cute (obviously), accessible and that offered to coordinate with some of the Perfection wedding dresses. 

There are far too many gowns to choose a favourite to alter – each gown has it’s easier and slightly more tricky areas to adjust. 

Favourite cocktail – Cosmopolitan| dessert – Ice cream, always |  holiday – anywhere, any time 😉

Faye has been sewing for around 45 years and been doing bridal alterations for 10 years. Honestly she’s the best machinist I have ever met, and I can say that because everyone knows its true! She does the alterations no one else wants to do. Faye believes her main job at Ginger Pins is to make each bride look beautiful and that their wedding attire fits perfectly. She loves to create art with the sewing machine and sees every new project as a challenge. 

Favourite tea – English Breakfast | dessert  Baked Alaska |  holiday  New Zealand 

Other than Amy, Maria will be the lady to help you with your fitting, she will help you in to your dress and then mark what needs to be altered. Maria will also help with any other follow up fittings but usually two or three fittings is all that is needed. She finds that twedding dress dream team – mariahe most common alterations are hem shortening and taking in straps. The team at Ginger Pins can also help you with your everyday alterations like shortening pants or sleeves. 

Not every one gets to grow up on a sewing machine, so Maria completed a three year course with the Melbourne school of fashion to hone in her skills. Maria has now been sewing and creating for 14 years and still loving it. 

I asked what unusual alterations have been done lately? 

One of the dresses that was being worked on was a white dress that had pockets added with black trim, hem line with black ribbon and a black lace up the back. Another was a bride that came in with three internet wedding dresses to be altered. None of them could be fitted or look the way she wanted them to, so she actually ended up purchasing one from the store. There are always stories when it come to a bridal store. The people you meet and the happiness you give through a garment are one of the reasons that makes working with brides so satisfying. 

Favourite tea – Coffee | Favourite dessert – The wafers from Aldi (lol, they are so good) | Favourite holiday – Greece