Vintage deb dress Holly Wedding Gown

Vintage deb dress Holly Wedding Gown

Vintage deb dress style the Holly debutante gown.

Holly is a fully corseted deb dress with lace bodice and an organza skirt. Perfection bridal is part of the Leah S Designs Bridal Complex in Melbourne. Stocking an extensive range of affordable wedding gowns and deb dresses.

Some schools require girls to have straps on their presentation gowns. Creating support and security. The Holly deb dress will fit the school requirements with its pretty lace straps. This gown is fully corseted providing shape and additional support. With a lace up back for that bit of extra detail when you are dancing.

Lots of different silhouettes to try on to find out which one is for you. Deb dress jewellery is also available. Maybe you would like to match your debutante gown with a tiara. Or a pair of sparkly earrings, we have them too.

A veil can be added to turn this gown into a stunning affordable wedding dress.

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