Purple bridesmaids dresses Wedding Gown

Purple bridesmaids dresses Wedding Gown

Plus size purple bridesmaids dresses

Are you thinking of choosing Purple bridesmaids dresses for your bridal party? Well not only will that colour look fabulous in your wedding photos. Your plus size bridesmaids will thank you as dark purple is a very flattering colour. It is also the colour of creativity and wisdom both of which we can never have to much of.

You will also find purple is a complimentary colour to most skin tones so all your bridal party will look fabulous.

Small size purple bridesmaids dresses

Our range of bridal party dresses start at a size 4 bridesmaids dresses so nobody misses out no matter what size your bridal party girls are.

Tips when visiting bridesmaids dresses shops in Melbourne:

Always shop with your biggest size bridesmaid first as a style that suits a size 10 sometimes will not suit a size 22.

Call shops before the appointment to double check that they have the appropriate sizes in stock. This will save you time and money driving all around town.

To get an idea of how the gown will sit on the wedding day ask your bridesmaids to wear similar bras and shape wear that they will be wearing on the day.

Discuss before you go who will be paying for the dresses. This will save any embarrassing moments in the shop.


  • Sizes:4 to 34
  • Colours:

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